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Famous Ogre



In most situations progress and success are achieved by breaking through our comfort zones… This little critter is the reason why it’s so dam hard!”

Of all the art inspired workshops and team building events we run by far my favourite is our Team Masterpiece event. It’s because of the profound shift and transformation that occurs in our participants. I get to watch the moment when someone’s mind pivots from a state of “I can’t do that!” to, “Wow, I did, and can’t believe it!”.
Now within the workshop we use art to create this shift but the workshop is not necessarily about art. What do is illustrate that much of that which we believe we are incapable of, is actually very much within our reach… We simply use art as a means to get there.

The reason I believe that this shift takes place so often in Art Masterpiece is that it’s an intense, at times uncomfortable creative journey. A journey that many of us have not been on since we where a child. I’ve written about this in one of my past entries, “The number one reason why your not creative!” (Yes, I do like to use a “Number one… “ title).

Now before we guide participants too far down a line of progressively more and more challenging art activities, we illustrate a warning and that is….


As we say in Team Masterpiece we all have an ogre! It’s a voice which talks to us, constantly in the background. A voice sometimes as silent as a whisper and other times as loud as thunder.  The ogre is that voice which talks to us whenever we go to do something out of our comfort zones. To do something challenging, something we believe we are not instinctively good at. It’s the voice that says, “Don’t you remember your no good at this!”,  “It’s not going to work out well!”, “I think your forgetting… You can’t draw!”

We all have a version of this ogre. For me it pipes up when I e-mail or write something like this blog entry, because as long as I can remember I was told “Writing just isn’t your strong suit!”. This belief re-enforced by my peers in high school (all in bottom english) and now by my wife, who is so dam good at it (A High School english teacher… How’s that!). When I write my Ogre say’s, “You’re going to look like a dumb arse!” “You don’t even know which where to use where ???” …. “Maybe you should just do a podcast?”

It doesn’t matter how, when or in which tone your ogre speaks to you, what the ogre does is limit you. Now I admit that in some situations your ogre can honestly sound like a lions roar. In some cases you can feel it. Your bodies tightens, your head hurts your breathing may even become shallow. The good news however, is that you can train your ogre to tone it down, and it’s easy.  Just don’t listen!  It sounds too simple but that’s all there is to it, hear it and step forth anyway.

The ogre is a warning to us and that is all. It’s kind of like a guidance system that may tell us to work on a particular area, to develop ourselves, but what we do is misinterpret and stop doing the task altogether. If you hear it, acknowledge it and walk on, you’ll work it out as you go. Trust me you’ll get better and improve faster than you thought possible!

If we continue to live our lives guided by the ogre we will never really know what we are truly capable of.

On your personal journey when you hear that little bugger may you walk on regardless.

(Oh and an after mention: If you where reading this thinking, “this is embarrassing, how poorly written” well get over! it I’m trying to teach my ogre to shut up…)




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