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Creative team building

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Creative team building

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We recently had great time producing our  teambuilding event Your Evening, Your Rules for 120 participants for a large Telecoms organisation in Melbourne.














As with all VisualFunk events, we believe that if you do creative things, creative things (and great things) happen and this was exactly the case. It turns the usual conference evening on its head by putting participants at the heart of the action and they take charge of the evening and its success. If the team doesn’t make things happen, the evening doesn’t happen.














Working with some brilliant creatives the evening saw everyone initially move in different directions to create a special part of the evening. These included:

  • Working with an artist and florist to create art to theme the room and floristry for table decorations, along with sculpted napkins!
  • Working with chefs to create a four course meal and then serving it to everyone
  • Learning Salsa dancing to entertain the rest of the team
  • Creating 130 signature cocktails to share with the team
  • Working with a professional musician to perform three songs to entertain the rest of the team later that evening (and with great results).














The night ended up with a filled dance floor to Nutbush City Limits being belted out by a team member on vocals (where had she hidden that talent?) along with support on the Electric Guitar and vocals by the VisualFunk team.














This was a great event for VisualFunk as we were able to flex some creative muscles.  The client was a delight to work with as they had big ideas and we were able to work together to produce an evening that was innovative and a whole lot of fun.














What the client said:

“In the lead up to the event, the conversations and development of the evening was great. Communication and sharing of ideas was open, you were very accommodating to our changes and instilled a level of confidence in your ability that I knew would just come off on the night.

 On the evening, your guys knew what to do, were well prepared and again you were very accommodating of last minute changes we needed to make. The evening… the feedback has been nothing short of fantastic and I think everyone had a great night. It did what it was meant to, which was to build and forge new relationships with different teams, got us to bond and feel great about being a “team”, and most importantly was loads of fun.

 All of the “facilitators” on the night were also fun and engaging. Again, thanks for pulling off what will be a memorable night and of course now the bar for next year’s event is set very high. Great job and really enjoyed working with you.”














So if you are thinking of something a bit different for your next event, big or small, why don’t you take charge of your night with Your Evening, Your Rules?

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