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Creative team building

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Your creative drive: vroom vroom!

I am a huge fan of the show Grand Designs. The presenter takes you into the lives of people who are doing a home renovation on a grand scale. Each house is always amazing and unique. Great ideas flow and come to life. In the process of doing up my own house, it’s even more interesting.

The most recent one I watched was of a couple that was turning an old electricity sub station into a house. They picked it up for a real steal and then the whole family lived in a caravan for 18 months whilst they turned it into a house. At the end of the program the presenter complemented them on their creative drive. Not their creativity alone (which they exhibited in abundance) but their creative drive – their ability to make their creative ideas become a reality.  This struck a real chord for me, as I had never heard the two words paired together but I believe it sums up the notion of creativity really well.

You can have a lot of energy but you maybe don’t do anything creative with it.

You can have loads of great ideas but not the energy/passion/drive to make it happen.

To make creativity happen, you need to have creative drive. Energy and creativity go hand in hand. You can have the best ideas in the work but unless you pull your finger out and get off your ass, they aren’t going to happen. When you continue to drive your creativity and make things happen, you get into a great creative space. You get your creative mojo going. The great ideas continue to flow and you continue to drive them until they become the actual reality that you envisaged in the first place and on it goes. This doesn’t mean never taking a break, rest is good but you then need to start driving again if you want your ideas to become a reality.

So, don’t be the person/team/companyu who had a great idea but didn’t have the creative drive to make it happen. You’re always better to drive than to not. At the very least you are going somewhere and the journey is usually a lot of fun…

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