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You are acting like such a child!!

If some one said you are acting like a child, (and you are an adult) it would generally be taken in a negative context. You are acting foolish, silly, being inappropriate, not being mature….you get the picture. If you went into an interview and said I am very childish it would generally not be taken as a positive.

I came across a child speaker/prodigy Adora Svitak this week via the TED Newsletter. She is speaking to a group of adults and she made a great point about children and the way that they think. She said, “Children have the audacity to imagine. This helps to push the boundary of possibility…..Kids don’t think about limitations, they just think of good ideas”.

So whilst acting like a child may be considered not appropriate, thinking like a child is a great skill. Thinking what’s possible rather than what’s not. Asking “How can we make it happen?” rather than “It will never happen”.  Its a pity that we stop thinking like a child as we grow up. A 3 year old sees a large cardboard box and sees possibilities: A cubby, a space ship, a toy basket, a car, a cave, a swimming pool, a new house…. A 43 year old sees a cardboard box.

Saying that “I come up with great ideas” at your next interview would surely be a great thing – correct?

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