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Why Every Business Should Invest in Team Building

Why Every Business Should Invest in Team Building

Not enough businesses implement team building strategies and the effects can be clearly seen. You have employees working in the same team who barely acknowledge each other, there are awkward silences in the canteen and the office has an eerie atmosphere with many employees not actually wanting to be there. Team building activities help combat all the above and more. They transform your workforce and office into something much more inspirational.

Never invested in team building before? Well here’s a few reasons why you should seriously reconsider.


1. Get to know everyone

Team building is based around doing fun activities as a team. It will give your employees a chance to show another side of their personality and create new friendships. You may have a sales department that constantly liaises with the customer service team via email but have never actually met. Wait, let me get this straight – They are working in the same office and communicate via email daily but have never actually said “Hi” or been introduced? How crazy is that?

This is a fundamental problem a lot of businesses have with their employees and the atmosphere around the office. People walk around with their heads down not talking to others, over time this builds a negative atmosphere that will ultimately impact the quality of work. A simple team building day out can change all that.


2. It’s fun and motivates your team

Getting your employees away from the desk or factory to do something totally different that is not monotonous will motivate and lift spirits. While team building isn’t something you do every week or month, setting aside 1 or 2 days per year will give your team something to look forward to and rejuvenate morale.


3. Bringing the hierarchy down to ground level

In a lot of corporate setting environments, the gap between employee and manager is quite distant. Our team building exercises in Australia are created to break down the barriers between leaders and employees to view one another as colleagues rather than boss or employee.

This helps an employee’s morale and brings boss and team a lot closer together.


4. Team building saves money

Yes, it really does!

Businesses tend to view team building as an expense rather than an investment. Team building has been proven to motivate, inspire and re-energies employees, you should view it as a long-term investment rather than an expense that can be avoided.


Team building is the equivalent of sending an employee to get certified for a particular position or providing them with extra training for their role. Just because they aren’t awarded with a certificate saying they have passed an exam doesn’t make it any less of an investment.

Remember this: a happy and motivated workforce is a productive workforce.


5. Ending work conflicts

Nothing can ensure the failure of a business faster than internal conflict.

We can all agree the workplace can be a stressful place, spending 40 hours or more a week with a number of people in a confined space is always going to cause problems. If we get caught on a bad day something small can turn into a huge conflict which can cause a rift within teams.

Team building exercises will alleviate problems employees are having with one another by letting them get to know each other on a more personal level. They stop judging them based on that one moment in the office, and in most cases they end up becoming good friends.


6. It tells your team you care about them

Only businesses who care about their employees consider team building activities. Employees who feel valued, respected and cared about will not only perform better at work but become more loyal.

If you are the type of business who regularly trains your employees to keep ahead of the curve, the last thing you would want is for them to leave. If they join another business, they take all their knowledge and experience (that you paid for) with them.


7. It puts an end to micro-work cultures

Studies have shown that friendships and cliques can form within the workplace between particular departments by social identity to where they work (sales, warehouse, marketing, etc).


We are all for making deep meaningful relationships with colleagues at work, but it can sometimes head to a us-versus-them situation. This can lead to problems such as various departments not working in cohesion with one another. Team building helps you destroy inter-departmental rivalries by mixing up the teams and getting everyone in that team to work on a singular goal.

Businesses have become too focused on cutting costs wherever they can to please shareholders while driving their employees to breaking point. A break from the daily grind to spend on team building activities will repay itself 10 times over. So the question is not why should you invest in team building but rather – why haven’t you done so already?


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