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What use will this ever be?

It is a question that I (and most of my peers) would ask a teacher when you were learning something  that you werent really into. In may case it was maths and anything that went towards algebra/algorithms/physics. At the time, it was a fair question. When was I ever going to use an algorthithm (and I never have). From memory, teachers never really had a great answer. With the benefit of hindsight, I realise that it was teaching my brain how to think. It was developing my brain. It was helping my brain develop more capabilities and to reach it’s potential. It was helping it to meet new challenges.  It was a good thing to learn and laid the foundation for basic thinking skills and important in my development. Using exercise as a metaphor, it was devloping my brains fitness. When you are fit, the benefits are massive. It has positive influences in all areas of the life.

So, it was good to see an article this week in the Australian “Emphasis on arts for young students”. Why? The CEO of the Australian Curriculum Assessment and Reporting Authority, Peter Hill said the skills taught in the arts improved the ability of young people to create, think, design, solve problems and communicate.

Sound like useful life skills?

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