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What Is Your Teams Energy Like?

What’s your energy like? What is the energy like in your team? What was the energy like at your last conference?

When I say energy, I mean the pulse, the vibe, the buzz? What does it feel like when you walk into your office?

Personal energy and team energy is a funny thing in many ways. It’s not something that is easily measured but we all know when it is not there. We cant always see it but we can always feel it.

We all make a contribution to it every day and a negative energy has a huge impact on all aspects of our home and work life.

When someone asks you what the vibe was like at a party, what do you say? Do you have an answer? We generally would. It may have had a great vibe at the beginning of the night but got worse as the evening went on. It may have had a terrible vibe early on, but once some friends arrived, the vibe was better.

What is the energy like in your workplace or your team? What does it feel like when you walk into a meeting?  How does it feel when you leave the meeting? What’s the level of conversation like in the workplace? Is there a buzz?

What is your own energy like? What type of energy do you take with you? What type of energy do you bring with you? Are you an energy vampire? What type of feeling do you leave behind after you interact with colleagues? Is it a great one?

As you can probably gather from the questions, energy is everywhere. Every personal interaction has it, every group of people has it, every event, conference or meeting has it. Austin Powers had plenty of it, he called it his Mojo and was spent a whole movie looking for it.

I visit a lot of work places around Australia and the one thing that always jumps out is the energy in the office. Sometimes it feels like a sad camp and other times it’s buzzing. We have a Media Client and every time we are in their offices it’s alive. The offices are full of colour, vibrancy and energy. You can feel it the energy. It’s a nice place to visit.

What I do know, is that a great vibe is a positive thing. It makes everyone feel good. It’s infectious, it’s catching. It’s motivating, empowering and makes people smile. People enjoy coming to work where there is a great energy. You enjoy going to work when there is a great vibe.

So what can you do personally and with your team when you find the energy is going south?

1- Move: The moment you move, your energy changes. If you find yourself with a bad vibe, move! Get a coffee, get some air, exercise but make sure you move!
2- Add some colour. There is a whole industry around colour science and mood but some colour in the office goes a long way. Decorate, have some fun.
3- Breathe deeply – connected to exercise but some slow deep breaths will help to centre you and help with a feeling of calmness. As I say with a very young family of three “Breathe in for peace and out for strength!”.
4- Freshness: Do something new and interesting as often as possible both personally and with your team, in and out of the work place. Run competitions, get involved with charities, have a lunch together once/week.
5- Change your perspective. I am note sure of the origin of the quote but I like “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”. Be a glass half full person.
6- Have some fun and lighten up.

Remember both good and bad energy is infectious. Check in with your energy, your teams energy, your state, your teams vibe often. Ensure your energy wake you leave behind is a good one!

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