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Creative team building

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Creative team building

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I started to think of this question this week when looking at some photos on line. Most pictures to represent creativity are something along the lines of a light bulb in combination with someones head. Is that it? Just a light bulb?

Creativity is not only in our brains, it’s in our soul. For me, it’s a whole body experience. When you create something, your hands/feet/heart/body and mind are involved. For me this is so much more that can be depicted by a light bulb.

I am alwasy working with clients to visualise ideas and strategy. I think it is a really powerful tool. If you can picture it or see it, it becomes a lot easier to understand it. So I started to think – what does creativity look like? As something that is alive and breathing and changing. Its lots of different stimulus coming together. Its options. Its intersting, Its unporedictable. Its fun. Its energetic. Its vibrant. Its choices. Its layers. Its hidden layers scraped back in an abstract painting. Its scruffy and tidy all at once. Its numbers. Its musical notes. Its on fire. Its opposing forces working together. Its what you wouldn’t normally put together. Its blue, its orange, its that Jimi Hendrix tie-tied shirt.Lots of things happening at once – options and possibilities.

Not only a light bulb.

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