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Weekend creativity

Whenever running a creativity program that involves creating abstract artwork, I am always asked how to interpret modern/abstract art? For most people it is a massive challenge as its very hard to break your cycle of thinking (If I don’t see something I understand or recognise, it must be crap!)  My 30 second response (and well practiced on my friends and family over the years) is just look at it and look at the shapes, colours and patterns. If you like it, great. If not, no problem. You don’t have to understand anything about art to enjoy or interact with it.

Which leads me to the 17th Biennale of Sydney and more specifically the installations at Cockatoo Island. Even if you know nothing at all about art, you cant help but be blown away from the sheer scale and diversity of art in such a unique environment. Featuring 120 works, its an art gallery like you have never seen. In the ruins of the shipyards on the Island, creativity leaps and takes over the landscape.

What are you waiting for. Open your eyes, open your mind, let your imagination out and take a free ferry to Cockatoo Island or visit any of the wonderful locations for the Biennale throughout Sydney. Most importantly, your workmates will think your cool when you tell them what you have done on the weekend. And its one of Sydney’s most impressive date locations…..

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