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Creative team building

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Creative team building

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One of the joys of working at VisualFunk is the great people that I get to work with. People who don’t just talk about creativity but live it, breathe it, practice it and embrace it. One of these people is Liam Benson who is one of our creative team building facilitators. Liam does wonderful work with our clients to help them take off the creative handbreak and work with their team mates to not only learn more about their own wonderful creativity but what can be achieved when everyone is pooling their creative talents. His own creative practice enables a great understanding of how to help others fulfill their creative potential.
Liam recently won the 2011 Hazelhurst Art Award for works on paper with his work “A Christian Country”. His work focuses on national as well as gender identity.

I am a firm believer that to develop your creativity you have to behave creatively. Creating (verb) develops your creativity. The more you create (behave creatively) the more creative you become. It is a great upward cycle. The more you behave creatively, the more you stimulate your creativity. The great results, energy and balance that you get drives you to behave more creatively and keep on creating. You are living creatively and breathing creativity.

Liam’s continuing work is a testament to living creatively and the benefits of regularly doing creativity. So, go on and do anything, something that drives and develops your creativity. Start living creatively. And congratulations to Liam for his great work. I have judged many art competitions and also been in many art competitions and winning them is hard work. When you do, it’s testament to something great.

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