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Creative team building

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Creative team building

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We always love to embrace the creative world in all that we do and as such, are delighted to launch Outdoor Interactive Theatre. It’s Part game, part theatre, part pub crawl and is making a huge splash as a non-traditional way to have a fantastic time with your team mates. Interactive theatre is unlike anything found in your traditional theatre setting (or team building program for that matter). Parajumpers Lightweight Perfect Gilet Instead of sitting, the audience is sent on an actual journey through the streets of the city. Based on a concept that has been highly successful in New York, and London, we are now running the program in Sydney and Melbourne. Along with our Shoot! program, its a great way to be outdoors and not get to sweaty! The premise: You have been offered a share in $50 million dollars – All you have to do is deliver one simple message. Sounds easy enough right? Well think again! Not only will the mob be hot on your tail but so is the local law enforcement, detectives, private investigators and anyone else the mob pays off! Participants are sent on a mission, aided by clues and mysterious cast members scattered throughout various locations in the city: park benches, iconic landmarks, bars, wharfs, and back alleys. Professional actors take you on a crazy, exciting adventure throughout the streets of Sydney or Melbourne. Your team, the audience navigate the city streets, piecing together clues of an absorbing and entertaining plot “The Messenger”. Interactive Theatre promises to provide an experience unlike anything you have ever done. This is definitely not an ‘un-Amazing Race’. You wont find a branded polo shirt anywhere! Set in the best parts of Sydney and Melbourne, you will be ‘contacted’ with a time and place where it is all going down. mu legend zen online Visualfunk’s Interactive Theatre’s locations, are of course kept hush-hush – it’s all part of the fun. So want some team building that is really creative, fun and UNIQUE? We would love to have a chat! Enquire here. “The characters are not easily spotted, appearing, then fading back into the crowd.

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