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Creative team building

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Creative team building

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I read a great little article by Helen Walters about the 7 deadly sins of innovation. She was reflecting on a talk by Ryan Jacoby, the heads of IDEO’s New York practice. Its a great article and focuses on a few key points. One of my favorites is:

1. Thinking the answer is in here, rather than out there

“We all get chained to our desks and caught up in email,” he said. “But the last time I looked, no innovation answers were coming over my Blackberry.” You have to get outside of the office, outside of the conference room and be open to innovation answers from unexpected places. Ryan makes himself take a photograph every day on the way to work, as a challenge to remember to look around him. Read the rest of the article here

There are so many, simple things that you can do to keep your mind fresh, stimulate your creativity and develop the behaviors/vibe/style/mojo/thinking/energy that drives innovation. It always comes from the energy and creativity of people first rather than a process. As with Ryan Jacoby taking a photo every day, one of the most important first steps is opening up your eyes. There are so many ideas out there, you just have to get off your backside, explore and and be open to what you may find! It’s what an artist always does. They explore and then respond to what they see, hear and feel. Real creativity put into real action.


VisualFunk offer a great range of team building activities that get your team outdoors and opening up their ability to explore new things and see the world differently. For a free quote on how we can help your team innovate through creative team building give us a call today on 1300 227 215 or email

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