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Creative team building

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Creative team building

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You see so many list of what to do to be creative. In corporate land, its always about using a specific tool (invented by a consultant) to help you to think up better ideas. In creative land (where people make a living every day from doing creative stuff), the lists are different. You don’t rely on just a specific tool to keep being creative – why would you?  For me, these creative tools miss most of what it means to be creative – the act of creating itself.


To be creative, you have to create and live creatively. And the good news is that you don’t have to buy it.

Designers become great designers from designing

Artists become great artist through creating art

Florists become great florists from constantly putting together floral creations

Photographers become great photographers from constantly taking photos

The more you CREATE, the more creative you become. You can then throw out the book of thinking tools you paid $60 for and is on the bookshelf in your office.

This is why I really liked the Rules of a Creator’s Life from Creative Something.

My favourite rules were:

  • Try new things
  • Always be creating
  • Turn work into play

Sounds so simple but creativity is simple. Creative people are creative because they try new things and area always creating. Who cares what is looks like at the end – just concentrate on having a good time in the process. Mistakes are OK!

So what’s stopping you? Go and be creative today. It feels good!

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