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Creative team building

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Creative team building

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The Principles of Creative Leadership

I love anything that Sir Ken Robinson says. He is an enlightened guy. His Tedex talks are the most popular ever (from what I know…). He gets creativity. What do I mean by gets creativity?

You can read about it in his an article about him and his new book here . Its a great read. One of the points that I loved the most was:

“Someone asked me recently what single piece of advice would you give people who wanted to become more creative. I said it would be to have confidence that you can be because often people lack confidence because they can’t do something and therefore assume that they’re incapable of it. There’s a very big difference between not having learned to do something and being incapable. There’s a point where most people can’t drive cars, but they don’t think that they’re incapable of it. I can’t play the piano but I’m not incapable of it; I just haven’t done it”

Bingo, he gets it. I read so many articles, books and strategic articles on creativity and what thinking tools to use to be more creative but as Sir Ken says it’s a confidence thing. I see this all of the time when ever we run a creative team building program. It’s like rabbits in the headlights when you ask someone to pick up a paintbrush or a crayon. I have seen this look of FEAR for years but never seen anyone actually get ill or harm themselves from it! Three hours later, once you have built up everyone’s confidence, had some fun and silenced the inner voice, you have something that looks amazing. In 3 hrs we go from “I am not creative”, to “I can’t beleive what I have created!”

It’s not that you arent creative, it’s that most people dont have the confidence to try something that will help them develop their creativity. The worlds best Salsa Dancers started learing a few simple steps an went from there. You will never look like a professional the first time you try something. That doesnt mean you wont but you have to swallow the inner fear and take the first step.

Mankind was singing, dancing and drawing (all considered creative pursuits) a long time before he was putting together spreadsheet. So get started being created. Don’t say “I am not creative”. Ask “what the HELL is stopping me being creative?” We have all learned to drive if we wanted to haven’t we?

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