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Creative team building

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Creative team building

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My brother is an extremely talented piano player. He has made a career from being a musician, released CD’s and can play anything he hears immediately. People are absolutely blown away when they hear him play, he has made people cry, dance and sing all at once. Everyone thinks he is amazing at what he does and very, very creative. Growing up I also heard many comments including:

  • I wish I could play like you can
  • You are so lucky to have that talent
  • You have such a great ear for music

All of these are true but what people didn’t see was the AMOUNT OF WORK he put in to develop those talents and skills. He practiced for hours upon hours. He practiced every day for years and years. Whilst his mates were doing other things (including myself – piano wasnt for me), he was putting in a massive amount of effort, time, sacrifice and energy. Through this he developed his creative talents to an amazing level.

Developing your creativity is like developing any skill. You have to put in the practice to make it happen. You want to get fit – you exercise and if you put in the effort (for exercise and creativity), there are great rewards.

We are all born creative. Its what you choose to do about it that makes the difference in the long run.

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