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Creative team building

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At an off site I was facilitating, the client sent out a get-to-know you questionnaire to his team members pre-event. One of the questions was what do you want to have on your bucket list (as in what do you want to do before the bucket). I think it’s a great question and I always like the answers and what they reveal. You really find out a lot about that person in a way that you wouldn’t find out at work. The answers mostly have something to do with self expression and creativity. They either want to do something like travel (take in new stimulus to refresh the mind and soul), go and pursue a left field project (open a winery where they will have to think and act laterally) or do something like write a book or become a photographer (engaging full on creativity every day) I have never met anyone who says they want to retire to sit at a desk all day and crunch data or something similar (with no offense to people who do this and enable the world to function as it should)

My experience is that around 80 – 90% of people say “I am not creative” and this in turn becomes a limiting belief and behaviour, both in life and business. The bucket list proves to me that people have a creative itch that they need to scratch. It’s natural to scratch it. Why wait until you retire to do so? I think it’s important to embrace the bucket list a little more regularly. Why not do the things that we were designed to and makes our soul feel as it should? The creative is lurking within – LET THEM OUT!!

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