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Creative team building

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Creative team building

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The saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ is true. It’s backed up by science. Research suggests that our brain remembers images, icons and art for a much longer time than it remembers words (which we can forget almost immediately). Visual images are an extremely powerful form of communication – art communicates without uttering a single word.

Our most recent Team Masterpiece program was with a great group of professionals based in the city. They wanted to celebrate what’s worked so well for them as a close-knit team in the past and what they needed to do to continue with this success.

But how to do this in a unique, special and unforgettable way?

Team Masterpiece – that’s how.  This is the outline of what our client went through in a nutshell…

  1. The art studio – creating a great vibe
  2. Create unique name badges – connect with team mates and create some energy
  3. Getting comfortable with being creative
  4. Portraits – fun and laughter in the room
  5. Team Masterpiece – a PowerPoint free zone!
  6. Team design and collaboration, no painting by numbers
  7. Creative collaboration, everyone has a role to play
  8. We love unleashing our creativity!
  9. And are very proud of our finished team artworks and what they represent

But what did they discover about themselves during the program?

How to open up new lines of communication

  • Discover more about their team mates
  • Dispel negative thoughts that hinder creative thinking
  • Develop ‘big picture’ thinking
  • Develop any theme or idea through art
  • Create something they never thought possible

And they had loads of fun at the same time!

The finished team artworks look great – unique, inspiring and amazing. The artworks will be a lasting reminder of a truly unforgettable day. One that saw a team celebrate, collaborate and move forward with a really positive vibe.

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