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Creative team building

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Creative team building

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I have been lucky enough to share my passion of art and creativity with some fantastic companies over the last 14 years. I love seeing people tapping back into that wonderful creativity that we all have and the wonderful energy that comes from being expressive, imaginative and creative. So I was delighted when we had the opportunity to run a creative session at this years Sydney Fringe Festival for members of the public.

 Whilst not a team building session, many elements were the same as the creative team building programs we run.

  • Everyone getting out of their comfort zone.
  • Everyone really scared about how to start and what it will look like!
  • The first few steps are always very, very tentative.  It’s as if the paper may ignite when the pen first hits it and makes a mark.
  • Great things start to happen when everyone feels more comfortable.

It was a sold out program and we had an absolute blast.   The venue was a great space. Always a fan of a great environment to drive creativity, Fringe HQ was buzzing with stimulus. It was great to have a room full of people ready to get out of their comfort zone and to do something creative. There was plenty of fun and energy in the room. Most importantly, everyone left with something that they were proud of! The Fringe Festival gave a nice review as well

 There is a tipping point when you do anything new and out of our comfort zones. There is often a voice inside  you have to deal with, telling you a bunch of crap about how unsuccessful your are going to be. The inner voice/ego/doubt we have holds us back from doing so many things. This is especially true with anything creative. Once you suck it up and go for it, the inner voice starts to quieten down then disappear completely. That’s when great things happen.

I love seeing everyone leave with something they were proud of and the great smile that comes from reconnecting with your creativity. All things start with a small step, even opening up your creative potential.

So, what step are you going to take to reconnect with your creativity and imagination?

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