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I recently had the pleasure of attending a Tantalising Tuscany program held at the Italian Village at the Rocks in Sydney.

The program was run for a global investment group who wanted to “do” something different for one of their internal teams. So they called us, and ended up at the Italian Village ready to take part in VisualFunk’s Tantalising Tuscany program, creating a sumptuous three course traditional Italian meal (facilitated by traditional Italian chefs!) from scratch. They created antipasti, insalata, pane della casa, pizza and an amazing dessert of Canestrini di Arancio e Cioccotta!  The larger team was divided into three teams and then these teams were given their first challenge – to design their own name badges and chefs hats. They then took their places at their food stations and the fun really began. Coached by the Italian chefs and helped by a little vino rosso, the teams transformed their basic ingredients into a wonderful dinner.

But wait, there’s more… For the teams to take home the title of “Best Chefs” and a prize donated by the client, a VisualFunk judge (who shall remain nameless), had to choose the best antipasti, pizza and dessert. It was a hard choice, and it became very clear that each team wanted THAT TITLE. As the teams tussled between each other for the best dish in each category, the judge wasn’t surprised that bribery came into the fore – even the Italian chefs were bribing her!!!!

At the end of the day, the judge wouldn’t be swayed and based her decision on the best looking dishes. (Shame she didn’t get to sample any!).

After a couple of hours of cooking, the teams were able to sit down together and enjoy their creation amongst much laughter and recanting of the evening. A nice way to end a busy day.


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