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Creative team building

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Cooking Team Building: Tantalising Tuscany meets Parramatta!

On a summer evening in Parramatta, our clients prepare themselves for a fantastic treat. They’d had a hard day at the office and wanted nothing more but to have a drink and something to eat. They headed down to a local venue and were greeted by two tall, dark and very Italian chefs with Sydney’s freshest ingredients action aplenty. Their challenge was to not only eat a great meal but to cook it themselves.

Once everyone had washed hands, donned a chef’s hats and an apron, the fun really began!

The objective of this evening’s program is to create (from scratch) a four course Italian feast with their teammates. Working together, collaborating and communicating they prepare antipasti, insalata, pizza and dessert – enough to feed an army of hungry workers! They are guided all the way by ‘the boys’, our Italian chefs who are truly master cooks. People who never thought they could cook, have just created a wonderful meal that they can be very proud of.

Before teams sit down to enjoy their creative efforts together, ‘the boys’  judge their creations and prizes are awarded for the best dishes. Then it’s time to sit and enjoy. What a great way to finish the day, great food, great wine and great company. A truly creative team building evening. Everyone’s happy (and full)!

To learn more about this program go to cooking team building

So are you ready to take your team on a culinary trip through Tuscany?

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