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I read a great quote from Jim Jarmusch the Indie Film Maker this week which I had to read a few times to make sure I understood it.

As an artist or anyone in the creative sector, you almost shriek at the thought of someone stealing your I.P. Protecting your creative ideas is a legal minefield and you hear of so many people having their ideas stolen and showing up elsewhere.  As I read more, I realised that there was more to this stealing concept than I originally saw at first glance. “Steal with anything that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination”  The key word is anything. There is inspiration anywhere and everywhere – you just need to open your eyes. “Conversations, dreams, old films, water, light, shadows, music, books, paintings, photographs”…..ANYTHING!!

The Wright Brothers stared at birds and stole the concept of flight.

George de Mestral – the inventor of Velcro – stole the idea from seed burrs sticking to his jumper.

If your eyes are open to what is around you and your mind is open to possibilities, anything can fuel your imagination.

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