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Creative team building

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Overextending yourself creatively is the best exhaustion you will ever feel!

I read a great post from uber-blogger and author Seth Godin (if you don’t follow him you should) yesterday. It was about the perils of both under extending yourself and over extending yourself. What jumped out was his comment

“Here’s the thing: creative work seems to be an exception. In fact, the exhaustion from overextending yourself creatively is some of the best exhaustion you will ever feel. An organization that provides a platform for people to push into their fear will produce both better work and a better workforce” Read the rest of the post here

We are meant to be creative. When you go there, you feel great and great things happen. Deal with the fear of what your mind tells you you can and cant do and get creatively exhausted. The great thing is, the more you practice and develop your creative pursuits, the more creative you get. No matter how hard you push, the well doesn’t ever have to dry up. It’s like a carbon friendly, renewable energy source for both people and companies.

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