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Creative team building

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Creative team building

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Blasting cannons, paradigms and creating great art. Recently I had the pleasure of hosting an Art Team Building and Masterpiece workshop with an exceptional group of people. The Australian and New Zealand Breast Cancer Trails Group. mu legend zen online A team of men and women who each day dedicate their time to finding a cure for breast cancer. spyderco slysz bowie An honourable group and there I was standing before them with the job of making them incredibly uncomfortable… (and then very happy). I was facilitating as part of a larger conference they were attending in the iconic Fort Scratchley Historic Site on the head land of Nobby’s Beach, Newcastle. A beautiful location with 360 degree ocean views. They even offered their guest an option of firing an old cannon at lunch. How’s that for a mid day wake up! The had a great morning with Lincoln Amidy from Pinnacle Team Events to which they spoke very highly of. In this session they completed some disc profiling, which revealed that the vast majority of their strengths sat in the lower left hand quadrant of the brain (no surprises there, being a group of researchers and scientists). What I was about to do with them in the afternoon was catapult them into the top right quadrant. When I first addressed the group stating that we were going on a creative journey it was as if a little part of each of them died. An implosion of sorts. All good though as what progressed was a brilliant afternoon of transformation. Teams stood up revealing their works of art to the “Wows!” and the “I can’t believe that!” of their peers. A big thank you to everyone at the Australian New Zealand Breast Cancer Trials Group. nobis women’s tula It was an absolute joy to share the experience with you.

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