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Creative team building

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Creative team building

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       – Is far easier than you think!

Last week I facilitated an Art Masterpiece team building workshops with a high profile client in Melbourne. Opening the event I asked the participants the dreaded question, “Who here considers themselves to be creative?” To which I heard nothing but crickets.

Now this response wouldn’t normally surprise me however I considered this company to be operating in a particularly creative field. When I probed a little further I found that the majority of staff did not consider themselves to be creative for in their words, “they could not draw!”
They held strong to this belief and we where about to partake in a 3 hour art workshop… yikes!

We pressed along as I guided them through a series of activities where their skills scaffolded allowing each participant to stretch and strengthen their right brain and creative ability. 2 hours in and the very same staff members now proudly displayed amazing, expressive works of art and a creative confidence exuded from their being. Asked the same question again “Who here considers themselves to be creative?” and the answer was an resounding “I do!”

Admittedly throughout this process there was quite bit of drawing involved and yeah the ability of the individuals mentioned was less than crash hot but big stinking deal! Drawing is simply the ability to make a mark on something, and is absolutely no indicator to one’s creative ability.

Creativity is a frame of mind, a way of looking at the world not an measure of ones artistic talent.


We need to dispel this myth that “I can’t draw a life portrait so that means I’m not creative”, and accept the reality that just by being human you innately are!  Granted you may have closed that possibility a long, looooooong time ago but regardless, the fact is you are! Just take a look at a group of kindergarten students anywhere between the age of 4 and 6 every child of that age pours creativity, if your a parent you know the truth of this statement, and guess what… We where all children once.

When we embrace this truth we give ourselves permission to think creatively, exercise innovation and intern drive opportunities for growth be it for our department, our organisation, our business or our personal lives.

Creative is the key to future progress


Time and time again I see countless individuals flex their creative muscles and reconnect with their ability as I guide them through our Art Masterpiece Workshop. If you think your team may need some guidance to unlock their potential you can find out more at VisualFunk creative teambuilding .


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