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I follow an indie travel writer/blogger/free flight king/non conformist called Chris Gullibeau and he had a great blog today on being yourself. He talks about being brave enough to trust who you are, keep moving forward, caring for others and some other slightly motivational stuff.

I didnt make any new years resolutions this year (and most years) but I have made one today and it is purely to be myself and the rest of the good stuff will follow. Following that mantra made me set up Visualfunk and work with people to bring out and use the wonderful creativity that we all have in us. I wont tell myself to paint more or it may become a chore, if I am true to myself and who I really am I will spend plenty of quality time in my studio.

My experience working with people has shown me that we all have something  that we would love to be doing more of or trying but the negative internal voice, the OGRE will often  tell you to back off. Tell that guy to get lost!

At the risk of sounding like a Tony Robbins type, be open in 2011, engage your creativity and be true to yourself. The good stuff will follow. That is what I will write on my wall right now. No, maybe paint it on….

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