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My year 7 art teacher killed my creativity!

Its a little bit of a harsh statement but I find that for so many people it seems to be true.  This is not a slant against art teachers or any teachers at all. They do an amazing job and I used to be an art teacher myself many years ago. What I find though, is that so many people we work with had a bad experience with their year 7 art teacher where they were either told they were useless or made to feel useless. What happens? That person builds a limiting belief and spends the rest of their life saying  ‘I cant draw, I am not creative’. If you say you are not creative then you will not act creatively. Simple. Which is really sad. You kill off a part of you that should be alive and that can make your life and career great.

There is a speech by Sir Ken Robinson at the TED conference on You Tube that is getting a lot of interest at the moment. He talks about how the school system is killing creativity and that he thinks that ‘creativity is as important as literacy’. Some other great points he made are:

  • If you not prepared to be wrong you will never come up with anything original.
  • We get educated out of creativity – we are all born creative.
  • Education is focused on skills that would get you a job in the industrial age, not in the current age
  • We need to radically rethink our view of intelligence – its multi-functional, dynamic, interactive and distinct.

He presents some fantastic points and about embracing all forms of intelligence and creativity, not killing it. Remember, all children are born creative, lets not kill it off

Last chance saloon

If you havent been able to see the work of Olafur Eliasson at the Museum of Contemporary Art, DO!! You dont need to have any knowledge of art whatsoever to be enthralled by this exhibition. “From light-filled environments to walk-in kaleidoscopes, Eliasson’s unique, experiential works explore the intersection between nature and
science, and the boundary between the organic and the artificial”

Make it happen before 11th April


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