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Making break throughs

A recent find on a website Creativity Everyday called the Innovation Mindset. Another way to phrase it would be ‘How to make a break through’ and could be applied to any area of your life – work or otherwise.

  1. Make the box bigger, or better, imagine there is no box
  2. Question what hasn’t been asked
  3. Make new connections
  4. Relate the unrelated
  5. Connect emotions with thoughts, actions, values and beliefs
  6. Appreciate restlessness as a signal for a chance to do something differently
  7. Increase satisfaction, meet yours and people’s needs in new ways
  8. Question the status quo
  9. Create more desirable futures
  10. Let the past be a guide post, not a hitching post
  11. Be open to experiment
  12. Adopt a ‘let’s learn from our mistakes’ attitude
  13. Realize that the first idea is a rough draft, open to refinement
  14. Keep your sense of humour
  15. Give yourself new experiences
  16. Learn something new
  17. Find out what troubles confuses others, then find new ways to ease their pain

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