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Maintaining the balance

When speaking with clients, I often hear that corporate creativity and innovation gets put into the to hard basket because of time. We havent got the time, we cant make the time, everyone is so stressed already, we cant add anything more to our schedule etc etc. With this in mind, I find the article below has some resonance to developing creativity at a corporate level. Work life balance has a direct link to keeping FRESH. If you are fresh, great things happen. I have listed points 6-1o which all provide great points around freshness and laying the platform for creativity. The rest of the article can be seen here

6. Ask for help
There’s nothing worse than feeling stressed and overwhelmed because you’re trying to do everything yourself. Fortunately, letting go and learning to delegate will help you work smarter not harder, and can develop your leadership skills, too. Take baby steps by delegating one task at a time to people you can trust.

7. Be web savvy
When creating a better work-life balance, don’t neglect the convenience of technology. A growing number of companies now offer their services online, making many time-consuming chores a thing of the past. Banking, paying bills, and grocery shopping can all be done electronically, cutting stress and freeing-up valuable time.

8. Look after your health
Constant exposure to stress can lead to exhaustion and burn out. To keep the effects of stress on your health to a minimum, make sure you get enough sleep, eat healthily, and exercise regularly. Relaxation is also a great stress-buster, so make time for your favourite hobby daily.

9. Focus on end results
To keep yourself motivated, it’s important to focus on positive outcomes as much as possible. Action is a natural enemy of procrastination, so consider visualising the extra time you’ll be able to spend with your family to spur you on to reach maximum effectiveness daily.

10. Take time out for you
Resist the temptation to let work spill over into your personal life. Instead, keep your personal life for family time alone, and make sure you create clearly designated boundaries for work and personal tasks. Consider ‘unplugging’ regularly from your laptop, email and mobile phone; the minute you leave the office is ideal.

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