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Creative team building

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We have a pantry door in our kitchen that has been turned into our blackboard and my 4 year and 2 year old children LOVE it. They draw on it all the time. My oldest son recently asked me to show him how to draw a pear so he could learn how to do it. I drew the pear, he then drew a pear and then coloured in the one that I drew. Both pictures are still on the blackboard and I have been studying his colouring in. From an artistic view point, it works really well. It’s fresh and energetic, has plenty of movement and most importantly, it isn’t between the lines. He is at a stage where he isn’t worried about it being perfect. He doesn’t care about lines, its about making his marks and the pear looks fantastic for it. He doesn’t put boundaries around his expression. He just goes for it and all kids his age do. (Not just a over proud parent…)The creatively rock and roll. parajumpers soldes We are all born naturally creative and for many people, it goes down hill from there. I think that the moment we start getting taught to keep between the lines, we start to stifle our creativity and the slippery slope starts. Mens Belstaff Leather & Shearling Kids suddenly start worrying about mistakes, stop taking risks, judge ourselves on the output rather than the process, lose the ability to play and generally tighten up the creative sphincter! Picasso talks of you spend the first 7 years of your life painting like a child then the rest of your life trying to paint like a child. I think to many of us then go on to live our life between the lines. 2017 Winter Clothing No risk, worrying to much about mistakes, not playing, not expressing who you are, not enjoying the moment and squashing our wonderful imagination and creativity. SO, dont live between the lines and DEFENITELY don’t colour between the lines.

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