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Learning to see – good photos

What makes some photographers better than others? Why can some catch a moment so well? Why do some photos make you pause and look? Why do they trigger an emotion in you?

There are a number of reasons: technical, training, quality of camera, using the rules of design, practice etc.  However, I believe that the number one difference between an average photographer and a great photographer (with myself in the middle here) is the ability to see.

What is the ability to see? I believe that it is not only related to photography but its easy to look at from a photography perspective. In photographic terms….

  • It  means that your eyes are wide open and looking for what’s possible
  • You stop and take in a moment
  • Your eyes see beauty in all types of places
  • You closely observe – objects, situations, light, anything
  • Your mind is open to making new connections
  • You look for opportunities
  • You experiment
  • You change your perspective

Learning to see is at the heart of a great photo. Others walk past an old door, a photographer stops and studies the patterns, the colour, the texture, the light, the angles and gets a great shot. A moment captured.

Learning to see is a great tool for life and business. Has there ever been a time where you missed an opportunity because your eyes werent open? Opportunities pass come to us every day. ‘Learning to see’ enables you to take on those opportunities because you see them.

Learning to see – great for photography, great for life, great for business. Open your eyes!!

More photography tips to come as well 🙂

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