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Isnt that art stuff all a bit WEIRD?

I listened to an interview on the Qantas in flight business channel 4 different times last week but each time I never heard the beginning of the conversation. As such, I cant tell you the name of the person who was speaking or her position. From what I gathered she was the new head of the Australia Council for the arts. It was one of the more slightly prickly interviews you will hear on that channel and the interviewing was almost poking fun at the role of the arts and the support from the corporate sector etc. The lady responded that there was so much that the arts could contribute to the corporate world. I always beat this drum and use arts based practices in Visualfunk and the way we work with our clients. My thinking has always been from more how artists push boundaries, use  and constantly develop their creativity and explore ideas to achieve results. (The non-text book stuff) One of her examples was something that I never had thought of. To loosely paraphrase, it went something like this…

“I used to work in product development and I cannot tell you the amount of times that we over ran budget, delayed the product launch repeatedly or released a product that wasn’t ready. So much money was wasted and the whole process was always beset by problems. In theatre, they release a product each and every night, on time and without hitches. Failure on not meeting this deadline just wouldn’t be thought of.”

It’s a great point. These wonderful teams of people produce something amazing and go LIVE with a successful product launch each night. What could the corporate world learn from this?The corporate world provides so much support for the arts. The arts has so much to give back as well.  When I worked in the arts, all that was given back seemed to be drinks nights in front of the art rather than sharing possible best practices.  Lets hope both sides are open to whats possible with this collaboration. It’s an amazing world with answers everywhere as long as you look for them. Hope that doesn’t  sound to motivational….!

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