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Creative team building

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Creative team building

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IMG_1805 copyVisualFunk was recently invited to hold an art team building program for UnitingCare West at their offices in Parramatta. Working with the client, we decided that the best program for the team was the “My Story” program which combines indigenous art with a modern art spin. As the team entered the room to the wonderful sounds of a didgeridoo they came face to face with our co-facilitator Russ, who is from an Aboriginal clan in Moree. Russ didn’t come alone though, he brought all sorts of artifacts such as boomerangs, spears, clubs etc., to give even more insight into the fascinating world of indigenous life. Russ told the story of how in their culture, Aboriginals didn’t record their history with the written word, but rather, painted wonderful pictures to tell their stories. Jackets casual This is great logic, as the written word is forgotten much quicker than visual images. adidas bounce Simon from VisualFunk then took the participants through a ‘modern’ art lesson and asked the team to concentrate on writing a list of which words tell their own team story – is it collaboration? teamwork? relationships? passion? organisational values? The teams were then presented with canvesses to literally translate their ‘words’ into art using a basic palette of colours. Aboriginal symbols and colours were incorporated – even hand prints! The result? Four wonderful creative handpainted canvesses which the team can hang on the walls of their offices to remind them of the wonderful afternoon they had creating when they didn’t think they could – it was an impressive journey to watch.

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