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Ice Breakers - Creative Team Building

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Looking for a way to get your offsite moving and your team buzzing? Our fantastic icebreakers are for you.

So what are icebreakers? They are short activations or energisers that enable everyone to be in a better mental, physical and emotional state. From 1 to 45 minutes long, our team building facilitators enable delegates to feel energised, laughing and be ready for action!

Benefits for your team 

  • Energise and motivate your team
  • Meet and connect with colleagues in a fun way
  • Stop Death by PowerPoint in it’s tracks
  • Reinforce key learning points of speakers at conferences
  • Ensure that everyone remembers your conference for how exciting it was, not how boring!
  • Stop your team mates falling to sleep
  • Most importantly, add fun, laughter and energy throughout your next conference

VisualFunk Icebreakers take away those boring and dead moments that mean your event will be remembered for all the wrong reasons. 15 years of repeat business cant be wrong.

So what are you waiting for? Your next event is waiting for something funky.

Important stuff

  • Industry professionals who know how to get your audience laughing and moving facilitate icebreakers.
  • Nothing cheesy. Definitely no trust falls!
  • Everyone participates and has a great laugh.

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We’re also great at graphic facilitation training, art team building activities and much more, so make sure you get in touch with us today!

Good to know

  • Group size
    no limit
  • Program Timing
    5 mins to whole day facilitation
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