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How To Be Creative – Think Like An Adult But Act Like A Child

So, you want to know “how” to be creative? Well; there’s certainly no instant textbook or magic 30-minute course you can attend and suddenly you become creative! But think more about it – children are creative aren’t they? When you watch children ‘playing’ they are actually creating, using their imagination, using both left and right sides of their brains, they might be playing with a car and suddenly it transforms into the most powerful rocket ever seen taking off from Earth! Or your two years old has painted the Harbour Bridge on New Year’s Eve complete with the best fireworks ever, yes, mum that’s really what it is(!) This is creation.

But where did yours go? Around the age of eight or nine, children are taught (by adults) to become more structured in their play, drawing, storytelling, and thinking. We don’t judge a small child’s drawing, we tell them how wonderful it is (even when it isn’t!). But slowly we encourage the children with a certain aptitude for drawing (for example) and discourage those who aren’t so good. Kids that can and kids that can’t. So is it really surprising by the time those children turn into adults their creativity dwindles?

Adults who are trying to be creative face a lot of creative barriers along the way: there are rules about what’s allowed and what isn’t. Those rules are there for a reason, but they can and do inhibit your creativity. Rather, use your natural curiosity, intelligence, and logic. Look at mundane daily things in a new way, with a new perspective and constantly ask questions.  Children (constantly) ask questions; not just “can I have an ice block”, but “how does that work?”, “what happens if I do this?”, “what is that person doing?” and my favourite “why?”. Do we ever say “that’s a silly question”? no, we explain, encourage and explore with them. Until – they reach a certain age, yep you guessed it around eight or nine.

So, when trying to be creative, think like an adult, but act like a child. Question everything, use your imagination, remember your childhood and all the things you created then. Then you’ll be creative.

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