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Creative team building

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Creative team building

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The term “thinking outside of the box” has been around for so long it has almost become cheesy or a ‘corporate cliche’ along with some of the other gems. adidas outlet What happens when someone hears a crappy cliche? From my experience they turn off, zone out (or whatever cliche you want to put here). adidas stan smith However, essentially, thinking outside of the box means thinking laterally. The human mind has a system of classifying information so that when we come across any new challenge, we try and align it or classify it with what we already know. We go back to what has worked before and then scratch our heads why we are getting the same results. So the term ‘lets think outside the box on this one team’ has everyone scrambling, panicking, freezing or freaking out that they have to do something outrageous to find the answer, rather than thinking laterally. A solution to this is to build a bigger box. Build a box so big that it can fit an endless supply of ideas and thoughts. Keep filling the box up so you can look inside the box instead of looking elsewhere. You can think laterally within your own box. We are all capable of building a bigger box. We are all capable of creative genius with a good sized box.

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