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Graphic Facilitation

Build powerful communication skills with visual & graphic facilitation

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At Visual Funk, we specialise in graphic facilitation and visual communication that helps bring your ideas, strategy and workshops to life. From teaching you to visualise your ideas or  having a graphic facilitator work closely with you to illustrate and bring your concepts to life,  our graphic facilitation team will work with you to deliver your message in a way that is highly engaging and thought provoking and that connects with everyone in the room.

The use of graphic facilitation ensures seamless compatibility with all personality types and communication styles. Visual Funk’s visual facilitation can help you and your team to disrupt your thinking , open up new channels of communication and explore new ways of innovating.

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Graphic facilitation makes communication clear, simple and concise.

Thriving off innovation and creativity, our graphic facilitation helps to communicate your messages clearly.  When you can ‘see’ what someone is talking about, problems are easier to solve. Your strategy becomes clear. Connections are easy to make and breakthroughs are easy.

Graphic facilitation ensures communication becomes simple. Or, it makes things easier to understand and remember. Instead of taking scribbled notes away from a session, everyone can have a powerful visual that provides a strong anchor for keeping the information alive.

Check out our White Board animations

VisualFunk specialises in producing engaging white board animations and hand drawn sketch videos. These are a fantastic way to convey key messages to a wide and varied audience. From using for a client pitch through to a company wide rollout of key information, the use of white board animation is a really fresh way to engage an audience. To see some of our work click Emotional Intelligence Whiteboard Animation and Leadership Whiteboard Animation

Want to develop your visual communication skills?   We run fantastic graphic facilitation workshops.

It doesn't matter what your perceived level of skill, our graphic facilitators can give you all the tips and skills to fine-tune your presentations and workshops.

Drawing is a skill that anyone can learn. We can give you the skills and confidence necessary to bring your presentations, meeting and problem solving to life. Whether you are in HR, Design, Learning and Development, Innovation or Sales, everyone can benefit from improving their visual communication skills.

With a background in both the visual arts and corporate facilitation, teaching drawing comes to our team of graphic facilitators pretty naturally.

Why wait? We can teach you – request a quote for our graphic facilitator workshops or graphic facilitators and get started today!

To learn more about any of our creative team building exercises or art programs, contact us on 1300 227 215 now!

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