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Creative team building

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Creative team building

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When I run workshops on creativity, I ask everyone to think of a creative person that they know and then tell another person about what they do. parajumpers parka Great stories come back about what these ‘creative’ people do – quilting, guitar playing, cooking, photographer, landscape gardener etc. I worked with a group who all universally agreed that they all didnt have a creative bone in their body but, as per the exercise, they knew creative people. I asked them the question “Where these people always good at what they did?” The answer was no. They had to practice. They had to keep practicing at it. This developed both their skill and their creativity. Advanced Backpacks At the beginning of taking the group out of their creative comfort zone (and looking at a lot of terrified faces!), this got plenty of nods, agreement and smiles. Jackets shell Creativity is something that we all have in abundance. Its natural. It’s like any skill or pursuit like any skill – you have to start somewhere. An artist isnt briliant the first time they create something but with practice they get better. Yuu then have to keep practicing or filling up at the creative bowser to stay good at it and to continue to develop your potential. You cant watch TV all day and then complain that only your friends are much more creative than you because they play in a band. They make a choice to start and keep filling up at the creative bowser. I spent about 6hrs in the studio today painting. Long overdue, it felt great to put some petrol in the car! I cant complain that my art career is stalling if I am not filling up at the creative bowser regularly.

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