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Express yourself

Express yourself, originally sung by Charles Wright and later covered by NWA (but to name a few) is one of my favourite songs. Not only does it make you want to dance but it also describes what I think is a natural human condition – to express yourself. I believe that every human needs to express themselves in some way. It feels good. It engages your creativity. It is a natural. Man kind has been expressing themselves from day one – drawing on  cave walls, singing, dancing. Every culture in the world does this.

Over the years self expression has been dampened. Most people I know would love to dance, sing, paint and draw but their internal voice tells they may not look or sound like a professional – so they stop. What would people say? I can do those things! But the need is always there. Its natural and healthy to express yourself.

I believe the popularity of Social Media is directly linked to the need to express yourself. Whilst there are many other great things that social media brings, it also lets each and every person express a little bit of who they are. Tweet your thoughts. Design your own MySpace page. Design and update your Facebook status – Express yourself. Anyone can do it, its easy, there is no worry that it wont look ‘professional’.

I also believe that the success of a show like Master Chef strikes at the heart of our need to express ourselves also. Again, cooking is something that everyone can do, it engages our creativity, we all have a kitchen and we all have to eat. Creativity three times a day! The internal voice goes from saying ‘you cant to that’ to ‘you can do that’.

So, whatever you do, continue to express yourself. Normal, Natural, Needed, Feels Good.

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