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Before Xmas, I spent 3.5 days in Canberra with for a clients off-site that Visualfunk was running.  I took away a few interesting things that relate to creativity from this trip.

Dissenta 2004 Stencil Artists Proof NGV Australia

  1. The benefit of a quiet time: I am a massive fan of surrounding yourself and engaging with all types of mental stimulus. If you want to be more creative, take in as many new experiences and mental stimulus as you can. You cant expect great results if you sit and stare at the same wall each and every day. If don’t do anything different, you wont get the great ideas/results. I drove to Canberra for this program and the drive  from Sydney is about 3.5 hrs. What was great about this drive? Apart from some nice scenery, the great thing about the drive was that there was no stimulus at all! (apart from some tunes). With hardly any traffic, it was 3.5 hrs of mental nothing. I found that my head felt like it unwound. The more it unwound, the clearer my mental space became. It was like a driving meditation. Then my mind started to think clearly and freely and at the end of the trip I was able to write down some great ideas for the off site that I hadn’t even thought of with all of the planning I had done.
  2. Looking at art is great. I have spent my whole corporate career involved with the arts: creating it, lecturing about it, writing about it, teaching it, working in galleries etc. The last year due to the pace of the business and life in general, I have probably spent as little time in galleries as I ever have. One of the creative team building programs that we ran took our clients into the National Gallery of Canberra. I love to do this as it great for people to be taken to a new place, experience something different and give their brain some new stimulus.(see point 1) What I had forgotten about was just how powerful an experience it can be! Art is amazing. It is one of the worlds oldest forms of communication. Man was drawing and painting to record ideas a long time before they were writing. No matter what you think of art, what you like and what you dont like you can always take some great things away from it:
    • Colour is beautiful. This is a great way to look at an abstract art work. Just look at the colours if nothing else and enjoy them.
    • Art can be huge. The scale of some of these artworks is amazing. It’s inspiring.
    • Art has many layers. If you look closely, there are so many layers in art. Literally, so many artworks have 30, 50, 200 layers of paint and washes. Just like people, the more time you get to know them, the more layers there are.
    • Art stirs your emotions. It makes you feel. Even if you hate what you see, that’s a good thing. Its good to feel.
    • Art is created by passionate people. You can feel that passion and creative buzz throughout the whole gallery.
    • Artworks give you ideas. It makes your brain dance. Make sure you take a notepad whenever you visit a gallery.
    • Art is social commentary. Its like a visual history book. It captures generations and then shares that time with others.

So, I have now added take some quiet time in between all the stimulus when you are wanting to live, think and act creatively AND definitely visit an art gallery some time.

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