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Do Teams Work?

An article in the Sydney Morning Herald today asks the question – do teams work? We have all been part of some great and not so great teams so everyone has an opinion. There are already some strong replies that teams are more negative than positive.

The article says that teams have 5 advantages. The first being  ‘by putting people together, it allows them to brainstorm ideas and come up with solutions no one thought of before. Two heads are better than one, five even more so’.

Great ideas happen when you bring in lots of stimulus to change your usual patterns of thinking. Other people with different backgrounds, ideas, values and experiences are part of that stimulus and I believe an essential part of a creative team. Why then do so many teams fail in the area of bringing up great ideas and seeing them through?

The next few blogs will look at great ways to come up with better ideas as a team and to make teams work (on an innovation/creativity platform). It’s not hard and its not all based on a thinking technique. There is a lot more to great ideas than what you will find in a creativity text book. More to come….

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