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Creativty – process or end product?

I think that people often focus on the wrong thing with creativity and especially their won creativity. Mostly the focus is on the end result, rather than what happened in the process. Let me use the example of drawing. Someone sits down to draw or represent an idea. If the result is something that they hadn’t imagined or even don’t like, has it been a waste of time? The commercial answer may be yes. The internal skeptic we all have would tell you it’s a pile of crap and a waste of time (along with the usual “you aren’t creative, don’t try it again idiot!”) Some other people may even laugh at what you have done. But is it waste of time? My thoughts are a big NO. Participating in the process of drawing gives great outcomes such as self expression, thinking differently, visualisation, relaxing, thinking, creating, improving hand-eye coordination, refreshing your soul, learning to see, learning a new skill and plenty of other great outcomes.
I think that to many people ignore the benefits of engaging in a creative process. How good is it to dance just because you can? What are the benefits of dancing for no reason at all?
I started thinking more about this whilst reading an article by Tom Allen recently about prisoners in Bali who were exhibiting their art. The organiser said the exhibition was more about soothing troubled souls rather than unearthing a master.The focus was as much on the benefit of painting rather than the specific outcomes of the painting.

And that’s exactly right. Creativity has many fantastic benefits, including the benefits  process of doing something ‘creative’. Be brave, ignore the outcome and go and create for the fun of it. What is the worst that can happen?

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