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Creative team building

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Creative team building

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A recent study by Adobe of over 5000 people in the worlds 5 leading economies: United States, England, France, Germany and Japan has revealed that only 1 in 4 people are living up to their creative potential. There are some interesting points:

  • 80% of people feel that Creativity is key to driving economic growth
  • Whilst 50% agree that they are increasingly being expected to think creatively at work 75% say that there is increasing pressure to be productive rather than creative at work
  • 59% feel that creativity is being stifled by the education system – echoing the words of Sir Ken Robinson

There were some interesting barriers that people spoke about as a barrier. The biggest surprise to me was that 43% indicated that a lack of money was the biggest challenge to being creative. Isn’t creativity free? Artists are considered highly creative but have one of the lowest per capita incomes around. I fully understand the issue of time (which I have spoken of before) as you have to make time to put the idea into action and make it real.

Some other barriers to creativity were:

  • Fear of being judged
  • Finding others to support you
  • I don’t take chances

What people wanted most to help them be creative were:

  • Time to think creatively 36%
  • Training to learn and use creative tools 31%
  • An environment to think creatively 30%
  • Tools to create 27%

71% of people also preferred to be by themselves when they create – something to think about next time you head into a brainstorm session.

One thing I like about this study is that it is easy. Thankfully, a study on creativity has been represented, creatively! Easy to read, not much text and plenty of colour.

There is always lots of negative and positive feedback about any study such as this and this has been no different. Whatever your thoughts, its a great way to think about how you are trying to encourage innovation and creativity in your company and the one I really like, ‘Are you living up to your creative potential? If not, why not?’

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