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Creative team building

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Creative team building

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I have spent the last 5 years working with people in organisations to unleash their natural creativity after a lifetime of practicing it myself. In many ways, this translates to coming up with better ideas, fresh solutions and innovative products. mu legend items for sale One of the things I always teach is to take a walk and open your eyes to what you see and relate this to your problem. The moment you move, you change your energy. The moment you change your environment and open your eyes, you bring in fresh stimulus. As I always share, the key is putting it into practice.

Visualfunk is currently working with a business partner on some some new work we are doing. I had a list of ideas that I was being asked to come up with content for. One particular idea had me stumped for about 2 weeks. I had thought about it a lot but wasn’t getting anywhere. What was the problem? I was doing all of the thinking at my desk whilst looking at the same stuff. adidas original So, time to practice what I preach. All it took was a 5 min walk from the security clearance at the airport to an Airline lounge. The airport is full of stimulus. Lots of advertising, bright colours, sound, people, clothes, brands, food. Once I REALLY looked, it started to trigger my brain to think in different ways as I connected my problem to what I was seeing. The ideas started to flow. I wrote down loads of information. Once I sat down in the lounge, I continued to look around, see, connect and write the first thing that came into my head. In 10 minutes, I came up with more ideas on this particular problem than I did in 2 weeks of trying to solve it at my desk. If that isn’t improved productivity, I don’t know what is and it was soooooooooooo easy. We are hard wired to be creative. To unleash it,

  1. Try anything
  2. Most importantly, try something
  3. Move
  4. Change the stimulus around you
  5. Don’t judge what you are doing up front, wait a while
  6. Enjoy the process.

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