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Creative team building

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Creative team building

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I think that we all have a creative knot. Something that in all of us, is tied up, tight and potentially stopping us fulfilling our creative potential. Stopping us expressing ourselves and coming up with some great ideas and then acting upon them. It’s a knot that can be really tight. Untying this not is the key to tapping into your creative mojo and all the good things that can happen.

So what helps you to unlock this creative knot? I am writing this in the middle of a 5 hr plane ride and I find that this is where I unlock my knot. It’s usually after a wine and about an hour into the trip. The realization hits that there are no phone calls, no email, no messages. I am feeling relaxed. adidas nmd I am usually watching a movie and then I start to feel really inspired. Not just inspired, but over the top of inspired. I feel like my mind becomes a flowing river if ideas, thoughts and images. Things are happening. I get my creative flow on and I stay in it. cheap mu legend redzen I always keep my notebook handy and jot down, draw and play with the river of ideas. The more you unwind the creative knot, the easier it is to keep it that way and to keep harnessing that wonderful creativity that we all have. Think of it like fitness. To get fit you have to unlock the knot of motivation. You have to get off that couch. You need the will power to keep the exercise going after 2 minutes when you get puffed. You need to push yourself hard. The more you untwist the knot, the easier it is to keep it untwisted. You get your fitness charging and then you don’t want to let it go. It’s the same with you creativity and your self-expression. Once you untie the knot and start expressing and acting on your creative talents, the easier it is to keep it going and not have that knot reappear. Whilst untying the creative knot sounds like a very slippery use of a metaphor, finding the right environment, mood, situation, stimulus, energy to untwist your creative knot is essential. It’s different for everyone but once you find it, it gets easier to stay creative and fulfill the great potential that we all have. I don’t want to do a 5 hr plane ride every day so it’s important to put into your day those little things that untie your creative knot.

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