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When I went for a walk today at lunchtime, there was a police band playing in the Corso.  The band was your non-traditional police band. Whilst all in uniform, there was a great female singer belting out some great tunes and the band was grooving along with her. It is a beautiful sunny day and as you can imagine, there was a crowd gathered around. I then observed something that you often see when there is a band playing in a public area. There were about 10 – 15 people dancing and they were all children aged about 18 months  – 5 years. Why were the kids dancing and no adults? It is because the children didn’t have any inhibitions. If you hear great you music, you dance – right?It feels good, its fun. Why not?

Why is it as adults that we don’t have the same confidence/lack of inhibitions as kids? What happens? I always talk about kids when speaking about creativity. I ask my audience if the know any 3-4 year olds who are not creative? All children are creative. As it happens, all adults are creative but it is our inhibitions that we develop as we get older that stop us being creative. Creativity (and doing anything that engages the RHS of the brain) carries some risk.

  • What will other people think?
  • What will the result look like?
  • What if I don’t get it right the first time?
  • But I wont look professional!
  • What would people say if I started dancing in the mall?

While these are n0t risks that harm us physically, our inhibitions make them seem insurmountable. I have never seen anyone die from using a crayon but I have seem many people freeze when you ask then to pick one up and draw a circle.  The internal voice has been talking down our creative side for so long, it seems natural to say we cant dance/sing/create (add any number of items here).

The biggest step we all have to take in developing our creativity is getting rid of our inhibitions that tell us we shouldn’t try something that should be a natural part of our lives. It is the same with corporate creativity. The people in the company have to deal with their inhibitions. That damn voice stops us doing lots of things we should be doing.

Ignore the internal voice! Dance!

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