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Creative team building

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Creative team building

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Creative Team Building Lands in Wollongong

What to do on the beach on a beautiful sunny day in local Wollongong? Take part in a creative sand sculpting team building event of course! I had the pleasure last week of doing just that. We had a fantastic group of 90 energetic people from a non-profit organisation who were taking part in their annual national conference. They came from all over Australia and after some serious planning, they were keen to de-clutter their minds and attack a project in a fun and relaxing way.

Not sure what they would actually be doing, the group descended on the beach and were greeted with this amazing sand sculpture:

beach turtle

After a demonstration from our professional ‘sandologist’, the group was split into ten teams, and asked to create a sculpture based around the theme ‘Under the Sea’. The energy the participants showed over the next couple of hours was amazing. They worked really well as teams, a great effort bearing in mind that it was the first time some of them had met each other. Themes were well-thought out, jobs and tasks were assigned to people and then the serious fun began – creating their masterpieces. At the end of the day, we had nine fabulous sculptures lining the beach front at Wollongong. The final creations were judged and the winners announced. Locals and tourists wandered amongst them, taking pictures and chatting to the teams about their creations. The company had a great afternoon of fun and creativity.

So next time you’re looking for ideas for your team, consider one of VisualFunk’s fantastic creative team building programs.

Best wishes, The Creative Team Building Team



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