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Creative Team Building: Good For Your Health?

I came across a great article today that spoke about the benefits of creativity for ones health. The article states:

We all know the sport and physical activity are important for good health but what about art and music?

According to experts, being involved in the creative activity can have a positive effect on health. This is increasingly being recognised with many new projects now using art to deliver health messages and to promote wellbeing.

Research has shown that being involved in communal art activities could even increase life expectancy, according to WA public health physician Marisa Gilles.

“The arts don’t just improve mental health but also physical health – to the extent that you live longer,” Dr Gilles said.

“The arts improve mental health and that in turn affects physical health directly – as we know, the two are interconnected.”

Dr. Gilles said work in UK hospitals on “healing from within” had shown that art classes, ballet performances, and music could speed up recovery times in patients.

Read the rest of the article here

I agree wholeheartedly. When you do something creative, it feels good. It’s as if your soul has been replenished and you have restored some of your natural internal balance. We are being the way we should be. The big thing that stops you doing something creative is the internal heckler who gives you a hard time about what you may look like. The bloody heckler, he/she makes life hard! Once you get past that and wallow in the joy of being creative without the heckler giving you a hard time, it feels great.

That is why Visual Funk delivers creative team building programs where we get our clients doing creative activities together. We know that people are designed to be creative but making that step to silence the heckler can be tough. We help people to silence the heckler and great things happen. Whenever we finish, say a creative art program, I always get everyone to reflect on what a nice vibe there is in the room. You can really feel it, as can all of the participants who take part. It’s as if some great energy has been unlocked and everyone is on a high. It’s a great way to leave everyone at the end of a program.

Participating in a creative activity opens up great new lines of communication between those taking part and also allows for some great self-expression. We were designed to express ourselves creatively. I always point out that man was drawing, singing and dancing along time before they were creating spreadsheets. Self expression is a natural part of the great creativity we all have.

So next time you are thinking about your health makes sure you ask the following questions:

.Am I eating well?
.Am I exercising and keeping fit?
.Am I drinking enough water?
.Am I doing anything creative in my life?

For me, for real, true health and a happy soul, exercising your creativity needs to be high on your keeping healthy list – for an individual or a corporate team.

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