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Pop Up Dining - Creative Team Building

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Are you ready to do something completely different? It’s part game, part theatre, part tour, part mystery, part dining and part drinking! It all adds up to something very unique.

Your objective: Locate a hidden restaurant in a secluded alleyway. You are sent on a crazy, exciting adventure through the streets of Sydney. Along the way, strange and mysterious characters will help you solve clues to help you succeed in your mission. Once you solve the clues, work out who’s in on it and piece it all together you will uncover a Pop Up Restaurant and be greeted with canapés and Champagne. This is followed by a modern day take on Tapas in a hip ambience-filled European restaurant. Get ready for wonderful dinner and a chance to swap stories about the evening’s highlights.

Benefits for your team

  • Fun, unique and dynamic day that engages everyone!
  • Participants exercise both their left and right brain
  • Discover more about the hidden skills and talents of team mates
  • Takes teams out of their ‘creative comfort zone’

Important stuff

  • Not physically challenging. Everyone can participate
  • Meal and activity included as part of the same price
  • The characters your interact with are all professional actors
  • Sydney only – Melbourne coming soon.

Good to know

  • Group size
    10 – huge
  • Program Timing
    2.5 to 3.5 hours
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