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Guerilla Film - Creative Team Building

Guerilla Film CTB
Looking for team building that fast, creative and a little cheeky?

Get ready for outdoor team building program with a difference as you watch your team be as creative, resourceful and imaginative as they can. It’s part race, part film making, a whole lot of fun and a fantastic twist on your standard treasure hunt program.

In line with the Guerrilla Film genre, teams are provided with only basic props that they can use in the production of their film. With only limited time and competing against other teams, each scene must be shot quickly as they move from location to location. The films are then shown at the end of the session or over dinner for a fantastic evening of entertainment.

The imagination is the only limit with this team building program. Where will your team’s imagination take it?

Benefits for your team

  • Teams learn to innovate and think on their feet
  • Teams understand how to keep ideas alive and the art of active listening
  • Opens up great new lines of communication
  • Great insight into how to bring an idea to life

Important stuff

  • Works with various team and group sizes. Everyone can participate
  • Latest technology cameras used so edited films are ready to watch straight away.
  • Any number if themes, ideas and locations can be incorporated to suit any style of event.
  • Organisational and/or offsite themes are easily worked into the session. The only limit is the imagination!

Good to know

  • Group size
    6 – huge
  • Program Timing
    2 – 3 hours
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Areas Serviced
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