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The Office: Deadlines, budget blowouts and stolen lunches - Creative Team Building

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Deadlines, budget blowouts and stolen lunches. Just another day at the office!

Get ready for a whole lot of fun and a hilarious exploration of office life and politics through the eyes of a fly on the wall ‘mocumentary’. It is a little cheesy, a little corny but very funny. It’s a team building activity that is a reminder of everything that’s unique and quirky in your everyday workplace.

Premise: The Biscuit tin is empty, stolen, gone and its only Monday. Who did it? The public want to see the characters. They want to see what goes on behind the scenes. They want to see the decision making. They want to see the photocopying, the excitement and the thief. Can your team portray the real stories? Can they get to the bottom of the missing biscuits? Can they capture the real essence of what happens? Can your team get the grit and essence of corporate life?

If you are looking for great laughs for your next event, look no further.

Benefits for your team

  • Discover more about the hidden talent of your team mates
  • Everyone gets the chance to have fun, laugh! (with each other and at themselves)
  • Encourages your team to take a step outside of their creative comfort zone

Important stuff

  • Fantastic Costumes provided.
  • Practical instruction in creating a ‘mocumentary’ and using a camera from a professional producer/director!
  • Films are shown in the evening as part of a ‘trop-fest’ movie evening – complete with comments from the judging panel

OK then, who keeps stealing the free biscuits in the canteen? This has to stop!

Good to know

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